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You Are Here by Karin Lin-Greenberg Free Download . The “ You Are Here ” is both a heartbreaking and beautiful little story of love & loss, strength & finding your way. This impressive and superb novel will keep you up for many days and nights as it tells a great story for the reader of all ages.

Description of You Are Here by Karin Lin-Greenberg Free Download

You Are Here by Karin Lin-Greenberg is a novel that explores the lives of several characters who are connected by a dying mall in upstate New York. The novel follows Tina, a Chinese-American hairstylist who dreams of becoming an artist; her son Jackson, a lonely boy who practices magic tricks; Ro, an elderly widow who finds comfort in the mall; Kevin, a bookstore manager who is unhappy with his marriage and career; Maria, a Latina aspiring actress who works in the food court; and Gwen, Kevin’s wife, a successful poet who lives in a tiny house with their two children.

You Are Here Free Download

The novel spans an academic year, from September to June, and shows how each character faces challenges and changes in their personal and professional lives. The novel also depicts how a shocking act of violence at the mall affects the whole community and forces them to reevaluate their identities and aspirations.

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You Are Here is a novel that examines how our sense of self and belonging is shaped by the places we call home. It also explores themes such as immigration, race, class, gender, family, friendship, love, art, and ambition. The novel is written in a realistic and engaging style, with multiple perspectives and alternating chapters. The novel has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike, who praised its keen observation, emotional depth, and humane portrayal of a diverse cast of characters. Stranger Danger by Maren Stoffels Free Download

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  • Name: You Are Here  A Novel
  • Author:  Karin Lin-Greenberg
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Women’s Domestic Life Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Price: Free

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