When All Is Said By Anne Griffin

When All Is Said By Anne Griffin Is an interesting novel with beautiful story full of suspense, thrill, love, drama and unexpected twists. If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download its ePub, PDF or Mobi formats just in a few clicks.

Summary of When All Is Said By Anne Griffin

When All Is Said is a fabulous novel with the fantastic and classy story of modern fiction. Anne Griffin is the author of this novel. This novel is filled with twists and turns, fast-paced, lots of action, suspense which continued to increase, mystery. The author developed the characters so beautifully. Each character of the novel is interesting and amazing.

It is a complete bundle of mystery, thrill and fringing full of Surprises. It will make you paranoid at a few moments and then numb your thoughts for seconds. From the first page to last, it keeps the readers on the toe. Readers will enjoy each word of the page from each sentence.  In short, it is a great novel with a great story that keeps you up for many days.


A simply beautiful book. This is Anne Griffin’s debut novel WHEN ALL IS SAID. A man looks back at his life through a series of toasts that he makes to five different people who have had an impact on his life. As he reflects on his long life, growing up in a small Irish town, about having lost his true love, about his childhood, and the success that he has achieved but not necessarily that which he is proud of. What an insightful, contemplative story of a man who has been brought to his knees with intense physical and emotional pain, and yet, exquisite love. Not quite sure how to come to terms with where his life has come to, and not necessarily wanting to make amends or change things, but more to just be honest with himself, this is his last hurrah. There is a true beauty in the slow reveal of a life. Of the domino effect that one small move can have on a series of things. A story that causes you to think about your own actions and how your every move touches another’s. Maurice’s character might bring you to laugh, cry, want to hold his hand, and perhaps, sidle up to the bar and share a fine glass of whiskey with him. WHEN ALL IS SAID is what reading is all about.

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