Utterly hilarious romantic comedies by Catherine Walsh

Utterly hilarious romantic comedies by Catherine Walsh . The “ Utterly hilarious romantic comedies  ” is both a heartbreaking and beautiful little story of love & loss, strength & finding your way. This impressive and superb novel will keep you up for many days and nights as it tells a great story for the reader of all ages.

Description of Utterly hilarious romantic comedies by Catherine Walsh

If you love romantic comedies with a touch of Irish charm, you won’t want to miss the Utterly Hilarious Romantic Comedies by Catherine Walsh series. This series features four standalone novels that will make you laugh, swoon, and fall in love with the quirky characters and heartwarming stories.

The first book in the series is The Rebound, where Abby Reynolds returns to her hometown in Ireland after a disastrous breakup and finds herself falling for Luke Bailey, the boy next door who is not so little anymore. But can she admit to him and everyone else that she’s not the successful New Yorker they think she is?

The second book is The Matchmaker, where Emma O’Brien decides to set up her best friend Mia with her brother Sean, who is back in town after a decade away. But things get complicated when Emma realizes she might have feelings for Sean herself, and Mia has a secret that could ruin everything.

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The third book is Not in a Million Years, where Sophie Ryan agrees to pretend to be the girlfriend of her annoying co-worker Liam O’Reilly for a family wedding. But as they spend more time together, they discover they have more in common than they thought, and maybe they don’t hate each other after all.

The fourth and final book is Holiday Romance, where Molly and Andrew are stranded in Chicago due to a snowstorm and decide to embark on a crazy journey to get back to Ireland for Christmas. They’ve been friends for years, but as they face one obstacle after another, they realize they might want to be more than that.

Each book in the Utterly Hilarious Romantic Comedies by Catherine Walsh series can be read as a standalone, but you’ll enjoy them more if you read them in order. They are perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, and Christina Lauren. Grab your copies today and get ready for some fun and laughter!

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