Our Hideous Progeny by C. E. McGill Free Download

Our Hideous Progeny by C. E. McGill Free Download . The “ Our Hideous Progeny ” is both a heartbreaking and beautiful little story of love & loss, strength & finding your way. This impressive and superb novel will keep you up for many days and nights as it tells a great story for the reader of all ages.

Description of Our Hideous Progeny by C. E. McGill Free Download

Our Hideous Progeny by C. E. McGill is a novel that reimagines the story of Frankenstein from a feminist and queer perspective. Set in 1853 London, the novel follows Mary Saville, the great niece of Victor Frankenstein, who disappeared in the Arctic after creating his infamous monster. Mary and her husband Henry are aspiring paleontologists who face discrimination and ridicule from the scientific community because of their gender, class, and unconventional ideas.

Our Hideous Progeny Free Download

Mary discovers some papers that reveal her great-uncle’s secrets and decides to use them to create her own creature: a plesiosaur, a prehistoric marine reptile. She hopes that this will prove her scientific genius and earn her respect and fame. However, things do not go as planned, and Mary soon finds herself in a moral dilemma as she grows attached to her creature and realizes the consequences of her actions.

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Our Hideous Progeny is a novel that explores themes of ambition, obsession, love, identity, and ethics in a Victorian setting. It is a tribute to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and a celebration of women in science and art. It is also a critique of the patriarchal and elitist structures that oppress and exclude those who do not conform to the norms. The novel is rich in historical and scientific details, as well as Gothic elements such as horror, suspense, and mystery. The novel also features queer characters and relationships that challenge the heteronormative expectations of the society. Our Hideous Progeny is a novel that will appeal to fans of Gothic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and feminist fiction.

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  • Name: Our Hideous Progeny: A feminist retelling. A thrilling gothic adventure. Lose yourself in the darkly brilliant read of the year
  • Author: C. E. McGill 
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Gothic Romance (Books)
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Price: Free

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