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Ache by S.M. Soto Summary

The ache is a great choice if you want an interesting story with love and war. S.M. Soto is the author of this novel. If you want a meaningful story with deep characters that are as flawed as they are heroic, you will enjoy this read. It is another excellent book from a great author. It is a truly unique and compelling read. With excellent pacing and outstanding character development, this book will keep you interested and wanting more.

Ache by S.M. Soto epub

Far from being predictable or formulaic, this story has many surprising twists and turns, and characters with secrets and depths that provide for some very satisfying revelations. It’s full of well-developed characters, filled with surprises, minor or major, and well-maintained suspense to keep you going.  His writing is always fast-paced, & gathers his reader’s interest immediately from the start of the book. There were many twists & turns in the storyline, all unexpected. The Novel start as “An all-new emotionally charged second chance romance. What happens when you fall for the boy next door? Bea Norwood had the market on normal.

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Drama free life? Check. A single-mother who doubled as her confidant and partner in crime? Check. A neighbor and the best friend she trusted more than anyone? Check. But that was until the day her mother remarried. The day that changed everything. When her best friend’s cousin, Liam Falcon, is sent to live with his aunt and uncle to clean up his act, Bea finds herself falling for the boy next door. With their hearts so infinitely entwined, Bea turns to Liam as her only escape from her new step-brother’s daily torment at home. Bea thought their love could conquer anything. But she was wrong. Love was for fools, and she was the biggest fool of them all. When Liam left Lakeport, he took her heart with him, shattering the organ to pieces. Six years later, Liam takes a trip back to Lakeport to visit his family and to see HER. His first love.The girl who holds his heart.

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The same girl who shattered it six years ago without looking back. Liam is hell-bent on seeing Bea again after six years, but what he finds tears his heart in half. Bea Norwood is a shell of the girl he fell in love with. Underneath the baggy clothes, and pale skin, he knows she’s still in there somewhere, he just needs to find her. Liam will stop at nothing to win his girl back, but sometimes, ignorance is bliss, and Liam isn’t prepared for Bea’s truth.”

Details About Ache by S.M. Soto

  • Book Title: Ache by S.M. Soto
  • Previous Books: Non
  • Author: S.M. Soto
  • Publish Date: April 9, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1793140371
  • Formats: PDF, ePub
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Pages: 355 pages
  • Genre: Suspense, Action, Thrill,
  • File Names: Ache.epub, Ache.pdf
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

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