A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Camero

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 A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron Summary

A Dog’s Way Home is one of the best and impressive fiction books with a wonderful story. W. Bruce Cameron is the author of this novel. The story of this novel engages the readers on every page. Its character development is impressive. The author circulates the characters very well. The Novel start as “I finished reading “A Dog’s Way Home” and the first thing this morning was a plan to write a review. I was luckily chosen by the publisher to read an advanced copy of the book. W. Bruce Cameron’s books have been my favorites, and this one is right at the top. A Dog’s Purpose will always be my favorite, as it was the first “dog” book of his. But “A Dog’s Way Home” is right up there. This book, as are the others, are written from the point of view of the dog. In this case, a possible Pit Bull mix named Bella. She, as all dogs I’ve known or have been part of my family, does all she can to please her “person”. She wants to be a “good dog”, she wants to “give comfort”, she wants to do all of the things that all of our pets want. And, as usual, she learns these things from her “person”. However in this book, Bella, the mix pit bull, is not “welcome” in the town she lives in, in fact, she is legally banned as animal control deemed her a “pit bull”, that legally can be taken by animal control and put down.

A Dog's Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron

Her person does all he can to keep her with him, she gets lost. She learns things from other people and other animals on her travels of trying to “go home”, all things that kept her alive, as she helped others live. While lost, she gave comfort, was a good dog, and at times, knew she was doing something that her person would tell her she was a bad dog. But, it was all in the quest of “Go Home”. It amazes me that Mr. Cameron can “be the dog” as he does. My little dachshund is a work in progress to being “Bella”. This book is working to remove the stigma of pit bulls and other dogs that some consider “dangerous”. I’ve always known that pit bulls can be soft and gentle. Any dog can. Any dog can be mean, angry and dangerous if that is what their owner teaches them to be. That’s the problem, some pit bulls and others were taught this. Bella was taught to be “a good dog”. Not all pits or similar are mean by nature, they are taught that. It’s not the dog, it’s the person! For this wonderful book, if Amazon permitted 10 stars or above, that is what I would give it. An amazing book that I hope will help remove the stigma on breed specific dogs, as they are not “bad dogs”, they were just not taught “LOVE”. Hopeful that Mr.Cameron won’t mind, a one-line quote from this book that stood out to me, Bella had a thought “If a dog couldn’t trust humans, how was life even possible” Keep on writing Mr. Cameron, this “person” will continue to read!”

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  • Book Title: A Dog’s Way Home
  • Previous Books: Non
  • Author: W. Bruce Cameron
  • Publish Date: March 19, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-0765374660
  • Formats: PDF, ePub
  • Size:1.37 MB
  • File Names: A-Dog’s-Way-Home.epub, A-Dog’s-Way-Home.pdf
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