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A Bite Of Hate by T. St. James Free Download . The “ A Bite Of Hate ” is both a heartbreaking and beautiful little story of love & loss, strength & finding your way. This impressive and superb novel will keep you up for many days and nights as it tells a great story for the reader of all ages.

Description of A Bite Of Hate by T. St. James Free Download

A Bite Of Hate by T. St. James is a paranormal dark romance novel that follows Laylee, a corporate executive who loses her CEO position to August, a mysterious and handsome outsider. Laylee hates August with a passion and tries to sabotage him at every turn, but August has a secret: he is an incubus, a demon who feeds on sexual energy. When he decides to make Laylee his mate, he reveals a whole new world of supernatural beings that coexist with humans. Laylee has to adjust to her new reality and deal with her conflicting feelings for August, who is not only her boss but also her soulmate. Stealing Home by Grace Reilly Free Download

A Bite Of Hate T. St. James free online

The book is the first in the Gamble of Souls series, which explores the dark and dangerous side of love and lust in a world where nothing is as it seems. The author, T. St. James, is known for her captivating and creative stories that blend fantasy, romance, and action. She has also written other books such as Genie Desires and Incubus Bite, which is the original version of A Bite Of Hate.

The book is a thrilling and steamy read that will keep you hooked from start to finish. It has a fast-paced plot, engaging characters, and plenty of twists and turns. If you are looking for a book that will take you on a wild ride of passion and adventure, then A Bite Of Hate by T. St. James is the book for you.

Details About T. St. James eBook 

  • Name: A Bite Of Hate (Gamble of Souls Book 1)
  • Author:  T. St. James 
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Price: Free

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Click on the button given below to download free. The book is available in both ePub and PDF format. Wings in the Wild by Margarita Engle PDF Download

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